Physical exercise is part and parcel of the Rossouw Family’s lifestyle. Charles Rossouw assisted the Ben Viljoen High School in Groblersdal with the establishment of a modern and well-equipped gym for physical exercise.


In order to recognise Rosle employees’ contribution to the business, Charles Rossouw assisted his permanent employees to enter into a joint venture with Rosle, and in 2006 they procured a neighboring farm that could further produce Citrus. Today, the Silver Charm Trust, by which these employees receives an annual income from this venture, making employees not only part-owners of a citrus farm, but placing actual value in their hands. Fruit produced from this farm is handled and packed by the Rosle Pack House and exported with the rest of the fruit from Rosle to numerous countries around the globe.


As part of the work done through the Silver Charm Trust, Charles Rossouw realized that it is important to assist willing and able employees to gain more exposure to corporate structures and functionality. Being true to his nature, Charles poured some energy into this and appointed 4 members from previously disadvantaged population groups as directors on his pack house Board (Rosle Pack (Pty) Ltd.). These directors are exposed to corporate management principles and are enabled to keep an eye on the packing and distribution of fruit from the joint venture farm with Charles Rossouw.



“A great sense of commitment builds a hardworking spirit.”

-Wayne Chirisa

Precious resources and commitments are being invested in the workers to develop each individual to a higher level, with Charles Rossouw.

Adult Basic Education & Training (ABET) Training:

The Rosle Group of Companies finds it of utter importance that workers continue to learn. Rosle is actively involved in ABET training of illiterate individuals and provides location and office support. Education is an essential component of the reconstruction, development, and transformation of South African society. Rosle started the program in 2007, and now tell many success stories of employees that have since learned to read and write.

Skills Learnership:

In 2017 Rosle started a new initiative on the farm that empowers its employees. Thirteen candidates were selected to enrol for a Fruit Packing and Grading course, a nationally recognized qualification, specifically designed to equip learners in pack house operations such as fruit and packing quality.


Annual training is one of the many parts of the chain that assures Rosle to function at its full capacity. Quality is one of the most important factors in our industry. This is why it is of critical importance that each employee that works at Rosle has the proper required training and knowledge needed to execute his/her task to the fullest potential. Only the best accredited training providers are used to educate and qualify the employees of Rosle.

Every two years critically selected key personnel are required to participate in First Aid, Health and Safety, firefighting, as well as the John Deere tractor driver course, to ensure the overall safety in each field.


In 2016 a scheme was implemented to help and empower the loyal and trustworthy employees of Rosle, employees who dedicated and invested precious years of their lives in working and building Rosle up to where it is today. Rosle worked closely with Sanlam to come up with the perfect Pension and life insurance scheme to accommodate the needs of its employees.