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Roslé Accreditations

Each year, Roslé relies on the collective efforts of about a thousand dedicated workers who are tasked with the essential job of picking and packing citrus fruits. These fruits are the lifeblood of Roslé's operations, symbolizing not just a product but a commitment to quality and freshness that the company upholds with unwavering dedication.


Within Roslé's modern packhouses, entrusted with the responsibility of handling these precious commodities, a symphony of activity unfolds.

Here, amidst the hum of machinery and the bustle of workers, citrus fruits are meticulously sorted, packed, and prepared for their journey to markets near and far. These facilities are more than just buildings; they are hubs of innovation and efficiency, equipped with cutting-edge technology and staffed by skilled hands, all working in harmony to ensure that each fruit meets the highest standards of quality.


Every step of the process, from picking to packaging, is governed by stringent protocols designed to safeguard the integrity of the fruit and maintain its freshness. Indeed, the meticulous attention to detail is not merely a practice but a philosophy at Roslé, where the goal is not just to deliver citrus fruits, but to deliver perfection.


It's a commitment that extends beyond the pachouse walls and resonates throughout the entire supply chain. As a testament to this dedication, Roslé's fruit packing facilities boast accreditation from prestigious organizations such as Global Gap Tesco, Field to Fork, Solas, Carbon footprint and SIZA, further reinforcing the company's reputation as a leader in the industry.


With every box packed and every shipment sent, Roslé reaffirms its promise to provide customers with nothing less than the best - healthy, fresh citrus fruits delivered in peak condition, straight from field to fork.


Quality control

At the heart of our operations lies a robust quality assurance process, meticulously crafted to ensure that we deliver nothing short of excellence in both products and services to our esteemed customers.


Throughout every link of our supply chain, we are steadfast in our commitment to continual improvement, perpetually striving to elevate our processes to not only meet but exceed the expectations of our valued clientele while maintaining an unwavering standard of optimal quality. To uphold these standards, we adhere to stringent protocols governing the receiving, grading, packing, refrigeration, and export of our fruits.


Each step is executed with precision and care, ensuring efficiency without compromise. Central to our operations are the crucial parameters of Food Safety, Food Quality, Traceability, and Legality, which serve as guiding principles in every aspect of our process.


By meticulously adhering to these standards,

we not only guarantee the integrity of our products but also uphold our commitment to regulatory compliance and consumer trust. In essence, our quality assurance process is not merely a set of guidelines but a testament to our unwavering dedication to providing our customers with the finest products and services, each one reflecting the culmination of our passion, expertise, and commitment to excellence.

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