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Image by George Lemon


Roslé Lemons

Roslé Boerdery stands as a beacon of agricultural excellence, boasting a diverse portfolio that includes the cultivation of lemons.


This dynamic addition to our farming endeavors showcases our commitment to innovation and sustainability in the agricultural sector. Lemons, with their vibrant flavor and myriad of applications, not only contribute to the rich tapestry of our offerings but also signify a dedication to meeting the diverse needs of consumers.


Through our cultivation of lemons, Roslé Boerdery not only enriches our own operations but also contributes to the broader agricultural landscape, demonstrating a steadfast commitment to quality and excellence.


Lemon Types

Our lemon orchards boast a diverse selection of lemon cultivars.


The Eureka lemon stands as a majestic testament to the pinnacle of citrus refinement, with its regal presence commanding attention.


These lemons, boasting a remarkable size averaging 5 centimeters in diameter and an elegant oblong shape, embody citrus perfection. Their resplendent yellow skin, adorned with sunken oil glands that imbue a captivating texture, exudes an intoxicating citrus aroma, a testament to the abundance of volatile oils within. Notably, each Eureka lemon bears a distinct blossom-end knob, known as a mammilla, and enrobes its juicy, sun-kissed flesh with a medium-thick white pith, ensuring a harmonious balance of flavor and texture.


A marvel of nature, the flesh reveals its treasure trove of citrus delight, bearing few to no seeds and offering a tantalizingly tart and acidic flavor that dances on the palate.


Available year-round, with a zenith of perfection reached during the late winter through early spring months, the Eureka lemon, scientifically hailed as Citrus limon, reigns supreme as the unrivaled monarch of commercial lemon varieties worldwide. Its unrivaled consistency in flavor, firmness of texture, and luxurious oil content, coupled with an almost perpetual growing season, honor the legacy of Thomas Garey, the visionary who birthed the first Eureka lemon tree, and herald a legacy of citrus excellence that transcends time and borders.

The 2PH seedless lemon cultivar represents a triumph of agricultural innovation, embodying a harmonious blend of exceptional flavor, abundant juice content, and captivating visual appeal. Renowned among citrus connoisseurs for its remarkable taste profile, this cultivar tantalizes the taste buds with a symphony of flavors, seamlessly balancing sweetness with a zesty acidity that invigorates the senses.


Its complex flavor profile unfolds with each juicy bite, leaving a lingering impression of citrus perfection.Beyond its delectable taste, the 2PH cultivar boasts an impressive juice content, making it a prized asset for culinary endeavors and mixology alike. Whether squeezed fresh for cocktails, drizzled over succulent dishes, or incorporated into marinades and dressings, the abundant juice of the 2PH lemon adds a burst of vibrant flavor to any culinary creation.Visually stunning, the 2PH lemon captivates with its elegant shape and flawlessly smooth rind, reminiscent of polished gemstones glistening in the sunlight. Its lustrous exterior not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also serves as a testament to the meticulous care and attention to detail bestowed upon each fruit during cultivation.Indeed, the 2PH seedless lemon cultivar stands as a shining example of citrus excellence, cherished by growers and consumers alike for its unparalleled quality and versatility.


From orchard to table, each fruit represents a labor of love, nurtured to perfection to deliver an extraordinary culinary experience. As a timeless symbol of agricultural prowess and culinary mastery, the 2PH cultivar continues to inspire awe and admiration, earning its place as a cherished treasure in the pantheon of citrus fruits

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