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About Roslé

Roslé Boerdery is a farming operation that was founded in 1995 by

father and son, Chris and Charles Rossouw.


We started farming with crops like grains and potatoes,

but soon realized that Roslé is particularly suited to the production

of quality citrus. We have since bought additional farms and

embarked on an aggressive citrus expansion program that has

transformed us into one of the most successful citrus farming operations in South Africa.


Through it all, we have remained committed to sustainable farming

practices that respect the environment and support the communities in which we operate.



Roslé Boerdery is a family-owned farm that has been around for generations, with a rich history of growth and innovation.


Charles Rossouw and his wife Adri had 4 children, all of whom played a part in building the foundation for Roslé.

Our commitment to quality is reflected in the care we take in every step of the farming process.


Our values of hard work, dedication and respect for the land have enabled us to expand and develop into the successful farm we are today.

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